Determining best practice for safe discharge of the older emergency patient.

Study 5

Development of an older patient's acute care service framework

The aims of Study 5 are to develop an evidence-based older patient emergency/acute care framework that facilitates the identification of patients at risk of unsafe discharge and the prioritisation of care plans. In doing so, the framework will reduce unnecessary and avoidable emergency re-presentations and hospital admissions.

This framework will include:

  1. Best-practice methods for screening for clinical, social and psychological risk factors for poor outcomes
  2. Interventions that are likely to reduce frequency of readmission
  3. A program for the introduction of interventions
  4. Monitoring of the process for evaluating changes
  5. Tools for liaison with primary care providers
  6. Development of guidelines for best practice on common presentations for older people identified as being at high risk

SEED will make recommendations for implementation of the older patient care service framework.